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Get a free gift when we schedule an Insured Postal Pick Up for you to send your material. One of our highly trained A.N.A educated buyers will inventory and evaluate your collection within 24-48 hours upon receipt of merchandise. This is the quickest, most efficient way to selling your collection. Click below to see how a postal pick up works in

five easy steps. 


American Collectors Group Inc. Buyers will travel to you, no matter where you reside in the United Sates. Depending on the size of your numismatic or precious metal portfolio you can schedule a free in person consultation. Our trained professionals will meet you where you feel most comfortable. They will inventory, evaluate and most importantly educate you on the current numismatic and precious metal market. Click below to learn how to schedule your free consultation today.


If you already have an inventory of your numismatic or precious metal portfolio you can email it. One of our buyers will evaluate the portfolio based on what is inventoried. It is difficult for even a skilled numismatist to evaluate uncertified or raw material. By including pictures with your email inventory we will be able to provide a more accurate evaluation. Click below to understand the steps of sending your inventory by email.  

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